Equisetum hyemale
family: Horsetail (Equisetaceae)
Rough horsetail (branchless horsetail, scouring rush) is a perennial plant. It forms two types of stems. Green, infertile, rough, segmented stems are slender and branched. Fertile stems are brown and unbranched. They grows in bunches from underground, creeping roots. They are ended with brownish-pink spike. The spike contains leaflets bearing some purses of spores. Rough horsetail grows on moist places of meadows and prairies, on rubbles, along the streams. It ranges in all North America, from north to central Texas and northern Arizona. It ranges in Europe too, rarely in the Czech Republic as well.
The Cheyenne probably used this species of horsetail as remedy for horses too (Hart 1981: 4).
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