Polytrichum juniperinum
family: True Mosses (Polytrichaceae)
mé'hoomano'ėstse (Hart 1981: 4), "hairy blanket plants"
mé'hoomanōhtsėstse ? (Glenmore and Leman 1984: 147), "hairy blanket moving"
Clumps and cushions of this moss are small, loose, to 10 cm tall. Stems are unbranched, decumbent in bottom part, erect in upper part. Leaves are glaucous, narrowly lanced, saw-tooth in upper half. They stand apart from the stem in wet conditions and they are clamped in dry conditions. The red stalk of moss capsule grows from the stem. It is stiff, 5 to 6 cm high. Spores ripen gradually, from spring to summer. Juniper haircap moss is diffuse abundantly. It prefers clear places. It flourishes in clearings and boundaries of forests. Juniper haircap moss is a cosmopolitan species. In the west of North America, it ranges in the Rocky Mountains area of Alaska, Canada, and the USA.
The Cheyenne used juniper haircap moss as an ingredient of many remedies (Hart 1981: 4).
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