Ma'háhkėseho naa mȧhtamȧháaheho éhevoōne: Ho'e é'ma'heóneve, áahtova!
Old men and old women say: The earth is sacred, listen to her!


This site is dedicated to plants in the Cheyenne culture, their practical usage, and their spiritual role in life of present Cheyenne people and their ancestors. Cheyennes’ wide and deep knowledge of tséhóné'o, or that which grows, illustrates richness of the Cheyenne traditions and cultural heritage.
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Hénová'e tsémóna'e

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tóhtoo'émóxėšéne tséhméovóonā'o
blue giant hyssop early morning

Plant names in Cheyenne

Some plants "introduce themselves" in Cheyenne! Click on hypertexted Cheyenne names of plants and listen how they sound.

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